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James Thornett is an original gentleman adventurer.  From the war zones of the Middle East with his elite unit, to the jungles of Central America and West Africa, James has sought adventure and excitement in them all!  It was his love for whiskey and desire to create a new bourbon & rye, capturing the tastes of his adventures, that led to the creation of Buckshee!  He wanted his whiskey to represent three core values; Quality, spirit of adventure and a little mischief thrown in the mix!  He teamed up was some industry stars who loved the story and shared a vision of what he wanted to create - Steve Grasse, JP Fetherston, Xavier Padovani and Josh Volz.


Baghdad 2004 - The Baghdad Country Club

It was in Baghdad in 2004, James started smuggling millions of dollars of high quality liquor down the most dangerous road in the world at the time, to supply the  famous Baghdad Country Club, a speakeasy he established and owned.  In a world of chaos it was an oasis of calm where style mixed with adventure and not a small amount of danger. Mix 2 parts Indianna Jones, 1 part Han Solo and add a twist of Keith Richards, serve neat  and you have a cocktail of James' personality!


Buckshee - Origines

Derived from the Arabic word Bak-sheesh meaning a small tip or bribe.  It was adapted by the colonial soldiers after the first world war to mean a free drink.  It was a term used commonly by James and the guys in his Unit but ideally reflected the brand and attitude of the bourbon and rye he created.  So, get ready, pull up a chair and let's start sharing some stories.....adventures welcome!!

The Team

Steve Grasse - Brand Director


Creator of Hendrick's gin & Sailor Jerry rum to name but a few.  Steve is a legend in the liquor industry!  He owns Tamworth Distillery in NH and is deeply passionate about distilling spirits, and the art that goes into it!

Xavier Padovani - Marketing Director


Xav has over 20 years in the drink industry.  Global Ambassador for Hendrick's gin &  Monkey Shoulder, and partner in Experimental Cocktail Group.  He hosts the Paris Cocktail & Spirit show  annually and has unrivaled contact in the cocktail industry globall

JP Fetherston - Taste Consultant


JP led his team to "Best American Cocktail Bar 2017" at the famous Columbia Room DC and was names as one of Food & Wines "Young mixologist of the year 2016".  He's beverage director at Drinks Company and is doing a PhD in American Spirits.

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